Bangkok in the night

Beginning Our Journey: Beautiful Bangkok

By Sunnyash on Oct. 23rd, 2022

The anticipation

It began a month back when we first booked our return flight ticket from Vietnam to India. We froze on the days and started announcing to everyone that we are travelling for a month internationally! Suneela was super excited to get her first stamping on her passport. We slowly started preparing for the trip by ordering new clothes or preparing the checklist for various things to be carried. Do checkout our Travel Essentials post for our checklist.

The packing really started a week before the trip and we dragged it till the last moment. We made a few flight bookings and one or two hotel bookings. We haven’t bothered with a lot of planning and it left us with a bit of anxiety and a bit of excitement, sticking to our standard philosophy:

We’ll figure it out!!

A backpack 🎒, suitcase 🧳 and a laptop bag 💻 are gonna be our precious companions for the next one month.

Our flight to Bangkok from Bangalore was scheduled at 11:30pm in the night. We hoped to get some sleep for the night but ended up having a lot of uncles as our co-companions. They were hooting and shouting in Kannada language and it lasted for at least an hour of our four hour long flight journey. The infamous uncles gang are gonna go to Pattaya or one of these party places to spend their time off from home. We got some broken sleep and we were really glad to get out of our flight and get away from any pestering uncles.

Icon Siam

One of the days, we explored this famous mall in Bangkok called Icon Siam.
Oh man o man, it was one of the most luxurious malls we have ever visited. The ground floor was filled with lots of stalls replicating the floating villages and the decorations around the stalls are exquisite. There was even a small river and boats on the river, giving us a real feel of a floating market. We did explore the other floors too, including the first floor. The first floor hosted some of the iconic brands in the world including Prada, Gucci, Louis vuitton among many others. And you can see people happily purchasing clothes from each of these brands. No wonder they say that Thai people are very rich. We were so taken with the mall (I can’t believe that I said this about a mall) that we spent the entire day exploring various floors in the mall including the fountain in the top floor and the terrace from where you can see the colorfully lit boats and decorated skyscrapers of the city.

Floating Market

After much exploring of Bangkok, we caught a train to Chiang Mai. We booked two seats in the first class AC compartment and we practically got a room for ourselves with a door and a lock, a private room inside the train all to ourselves. Here, in the night, the AC broke down and it didn’t get repaired throughout our journey. It was okay for us as the compartment was cool. In the morning, we asked the train staff on what went wrong with the A/C. He told us that there was a problem with the AC. He told this in the most apologetic way and was almost in tears. He kept telling us sorry multiple times. We were taken aback at this level of hospitality. Admitting a mistake is one thing, but these people take it to another level. We were amazed at the respectfulness of the people in this country.

A short video of our journey to Bangkok

That’s all for now. We already have a lot of stories from our stay at Chiang Mai

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This series is meant for us to share a few stories and a few pictures from our journey in Thailand and Vietnam. We would love to get comments from you and hear your thoughts or suggestions.