Hi, we're Holistic Travellers
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Suneela & Yeswanth
Suneela & Yeswanth
We believe that travelling should be insightful!
We want to help people to experience travel, find hidden places and create itineraries through our website.
We dont travel just to tick a box in our bucketlist, and we disdain tour agencies who just take you from one place to another in rapid succession.
We believe that travelling should be to experience the culture, people and also to embark on interesting and new adventures.
Holistic is the interconnectedness of all things
Often not, we embark on our travel adventures without a lot of planning.
We start our trips and we figure out the rest of the plan along the way. This allows us to be flexible, yet open to pleasant encounters along the way.
Suneela & Yeswanth


Charterted Accountant by profession. Manages budgets.

Loves bike riding and exploring new places. Ambivert with an

inquisitive personality, relentlessly curious, desire to explore

and question to learn more from the world!



Technologist. Driven by the need to travel to every interesting nook

and corner of the world! Loves adventure activities including

paragliding, snorkelling, scuba diving and more.