Travel Essentials

Getting ready to travel the world

By Suneela on Sep. 25th, 2023

Are you traveling internationally for the first time?


Have you already travelled before and forgot to pack essentials?

Fret not, we created a checklist just for you!

Documents to carry:

  1. Original passport + Xerox of the same
  2. Vaccination printouts (requirement is slowly phased out, but recommended to carry a copy)
  3. Domestic Driving License(original) + International Driving License
  4. Flight ticket printouts
  5. Passport-size photographs (just in case if needed anywhere)
  6. Visa printouts (if not printed in your passport)
  7. Travel insurance
  8. Travel documents – Stay + Transit bookings (Bus/train/flight)
  9. Travel passes (if any) eg. Eurail Pass
  10. Relevant Foreign currency + Receipt of currency purchase
  11. Debit or Credit cards – don’t forget to enable international transactions

Travel gadgets/ Electronics (carry-on luggage):

  1. Mobile phone + international travel adapter + Charging cable
  2. Power bank (as a backup)
  3. Digital watches + charging cables (If any)
  4. Earbuds + charging cables (If any)
  5. Water proof mobile cover, if you plan to do any water activity
  6. Ziplock covers for storing important documents like Passport
  7. Camera + Charging cable + Adaptor (if carrying rechargeable battery)
  8. Headphones
  9. Laptop / Notepad / Kindle
  10. If you are willing to carry a Drone, then do check out the guidelines with flight operators / respective country regulations.

We pack all the above travel gadgets in a travel organizer kit which goes in carry-on bag for hassle-free security check process.

  1. Band-aids
  2. Sunscreen with higher SPF
  3. Disposable face masks + sanitizer
  4. Glucose tablets or Energy bars (for instant energy)
  5. Electral powder or similar for fatigue
  6. Sanitary pads / menstrual cups / tampons for woman (along with disposal bags)
  7. Anti-chafing cream
  8. Sweat absorbent powder

Medicines for:

  1. Fever / Cold / Flu
  2. Body pains / headache / stomach pain
  3. Motion sickness / diarrhea
  4. Personal medication as recommended by your physician


We prefer to carry our own toiletries kit during our longer travels as some of the homestays or hotels might not provide for the same:

  1. Body + Face wash + Shampoo
  2. Body Moisturizers
  3. Wet wipes
  4. Diapers (in case of babies)
  5. Portable Bidet (if needed, mainly in western countries)
  6. Detergent powder or pods (if you are staying in a homestay/Airbnb)
  7. Toilet sanitization spray (for public toilets)
  8. Tooth Brush + Paste


I have listed other trivial things that make a huge difference in your travel experiences:

  1. Head caps (protection from sun and drizzles)
  2. Sun glasses
  3. Foldable Raincoats (saves a lot of space for moderate weather)
  4. Ziplock covers/bags (in case you want to store your bills or currency etc)
  5. Locks for your check-in Luggage
  6. Extra foldable bags (for a beach day, or carrying used clothes)
  7. Jerkins or Jackets + Beanie + Hand gloves (based on the country you are traveling to)
  8. Shoes (if your travel involves hiking or a lot of walking) + Sandals + Socks
  9. Head Scarfs / Bandana
  10. Empty Water Bottle/s (it helps us to not litter the place with plastic too!)
  11. Notebook + Pen / Pencil

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