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Applying for a U.S. Tourist Visa

By Suneela on Sep. 16th, 2023

Applying for a U.S. visa involves the following steps:

  1. Go to DS-160 form (link given at the end) and complete filling your information. Do remember to save each page before you press on confirm. Detailed form won’t be available after confirmation and only the confirmation page will be available.

    Note: Once you start filling the form, note the DS-160 form no. You can retrieve the form only using the number and the other security information you have answered.

  2. Create a profile on US Appointment website (link given at the end).

  3. Pay the fees in the Appointment website after completing your profile.

  4. There might be a delay in confirmation of the visa fees in the website.

Booking Appointment (After fee is confirmed)

  1. You first have to select a VAC appointment and then select a Consular appointment.
  2. VAC appointment is for giving biometrics (photo and fingerprints).
  3. Consular appointment is for giving an interview with a visa officer (in the US consulate).
  4. Save the appointment confirmation letter.

Before your VAC appointment (Few days before)

  1. Check when your DS-160 form was submitted. If it was submitted more than a year old, go to the DS-160 form website and submit a new application and confirm. Carry the new DS-160 confirmation page to your VAC and Consular appointments.
  2. Carry the list of documents mentioned below

For your VAC appointment

  1. Carry the documents (mainly, confirmation letter,passport and DS-160 confirmation) and go to the VAC appointment center listed in your confirmation.
  2. At your appointment time, you will be allowed to go inside the center.
  3. Here, give your biometrics (photo and fingerprints).
  4. Ask the officers to update your DS-160 confirmation number (if you submitted a new one).

For your consulate appointment

  1. Carry the list of documents mentioned below.
  2. Remember the answers you submitted on your DS-160 form (remember to save the answers while submitting the form).
  3. Be confident and answer the questions according to the information filled in your DS-160 form.
  4. At the end of the interview, consulate officer will confirm if your visa is approved or rejected.

Documents to Carry

  1. Appointment confirmation page
  2. DS-160 confirmation(new(if any) and old)
  3. Latest passport
  4. Marriage certificate (if married)
  5. Certificates of your degrees
  6. Trip sponsor letter (if someone else is sponsoring your trip)
  7. Proof of funds - Attested statement of your bank balance, fixed deposits, property, etc
  8. Last year ITR
  9. Invitation letter from family/friends in USA
  10. Passport copy of family/friends in USA
  1. Official Website for Tourist Visa
  2. DS-160 form for Tourist Visa
  3. US Visa Appointment Website
  4. Unofficial B1/B2 Discussion - Telegram Group
  5. Checking visa processing status

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