White temple in Chiang Rai Temple

Warmful Chiang Mai & Out-Of-The-World Chiang Rai

By Sunnyash on Nov. 18th, 2022

Alrighty! After a scintillating experience at Bangkok and a warm feeling invoked by the train conductor (if you remember our last blog on Bangkok, the train conductor apologized to us for the non-functioning air-conditioner and partly refunded our ticket), we entered Chiang Mai, a city in the northern part of Thailand.

Chiang-Mai is a small town with a lot of pagodas. There is a small moat in the shape of a rectangle encircling the city (as seen in the map below). The town is filled with friendly people and lovely vegan restaurants. One could walk the entire old town and explore the places around.


We felt warmly welcomed. One time, when we were a little slow in deciding to cross the road, we saw that a fast moving car stopped in front, and another car behind that, and another, for a total of ten cars. What just happened? Then we realised that they were stopping for us, so that we could cross the road safely. Such respect for humans! Imagine this happening in India? :D

One of the days, we rented a car and drove to Chiang Rai. The road was spectacular and the driving was a breeze. We went to the white temple and the blue temple which are marvelous to look at. We also went to a weird Thai museum (check the other photos for yourself :P ) and a natural hot spring where you could boil eggs. Here is a small video of our drive to Chiang Rai.

We also did an adventure called Ziplining. We were taken to a plantation on a top of a hill, where there were a lot of trees. Ziplines are pulleys suspended from one tree to another tree (atleast 100m apart). And we wore given a harness and attached ourselves to a zipline and we would slide from one tree to another. Since, it was a huge plantation, there were around 10 ziplines in the area. We had a lot of fun zooming around from one zipline to another. Since, we were on a height, we could clearly see the plantation below, enjoy the scenaries while we were flying on the zipline.
Checkout this video of us ziplining above Chiang Mai coffee plantations.

After four nights in Chiang Mai (checkout our video, we finally said bye to our favourite town. We really didn’t wish to leave this town, but we had to :(

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